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 It’s amazing how one day someone walks into your life, and you cannot remember how you ever lived without them.

"When I look at you, I can feel it. I look at you and I'm home."
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To us, every wedding is much more than just

an event and it's absolutely unique. So we spend

time on present story that could make you feel.

We believe an authentic story its about heartfelt moments, unique ceremony of two souls joining together and all the raw emotions. It should be  something that when you look back after 10years and it still make you feel like yesterday.  

Since 2019, we decided to start up Tales of Dawn.

We want to tell story with the non traditional way.

If you reluctant to be filmed and photographed, our way of photographing and filming will definitely won’t make you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Fun and relax will be the most feeling because we love all those pure laughters and happy tears.


If you’re wondering why are we name ourselves Tales of Dawn. Tales - Refer to your story & Dawn - The beginning of the beautiful day just like the couples are unfolding their new chapter in their lives. And we hope we could be a part of your big day to capture your story. And basically this is what we do in behind.

We based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but we are doing this worldwide!

While most people called us as wedding videographers / photographers, but we like think ourselves as visual artists.

Sign us up and bring us around to witness your big day! Can’t wait to hear from you.


Our story 



" No words can describe how good you guys

are at work and the end result of the photos it's so so BEAUTIFUL.


Thank you Yong Xian & Vendi, you guys are

amazing! Wishing you both the best and may your business grow and prosper. "


" Thank you for all the beautiful shots, we both love it! It's exactly what we want & you guys bot only hit our expectation but exceed it. All the emotion and feeling on that moment hit back just by looking at those photos. Second, thanks for the awesome video video too! The song choice is the best! The edit is on point too! You guys are so thoughtful to include the subtitle too. It's great working with you both.  "


" Thank you so much for taking such stunning shots of the best day of our lives. My husband and I are really grateful for your work, we're so pleassed with the results and Thank you for both of your hard work and endless hours both behind the camera and in the edit room! You and Vendi are so great and your professionalism is beyond doubt. "


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Our style


( We create artful and emotional work that give you goosebump every time you watch them.  )

We care a lot about the feelings of the stories and emotional moments. Building a story of yours, we love to use natural light and shadow to evoke the emotion. 

Tones - We are more into clean & timeless to make sure every pieces of artwork are eternity.

If you're into our style and want to explore more, tell us your story by saying hello below.

( Book your slot now to secure the date. )

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