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Love is everything.




tales of dawn

To us, every wedding is much more than just

an event and it's absolutely unique. So we spend

time on present story that could make you feel.

We believe an authentic story its about heartfelt moments, unique ceremony of two souls joining together and all the raw emotions. It should be  something that when you look back after 10years and it still make you feel like yesterday.  

Since 2019, we decided to start up Tales of Dawn.

We want to tell story with the non traditional way.

If you reluctant to be filmed and photographed, our way of photographing and filming will definitely won’t make you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Fun and relax will be the most feeling because we love all those pure laughters and happy tears.


If you’re wondering why are we name ourselves Tales of Dawn. Tales - Refer to your story & Dawn - The beginning of the beautiful day just like the couples are unfolding their new chapter in their lives. And we hope we could be a part of your big day to capture your story. And basically this is what we do in behind.

We based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but we are doing this worldwide!

While most people called us as wedding videographers / photographers, but we like think ourselves as visual artists.

Sign us up and bring us around to witness your big day! Can’t wait to hear from you.

work with us 



" Once again, thank you so much to you and Vendi for being such champs, being with with us to document our special day from 6AM all the way until late at night, and for accommodating all the last minute change of plans due to the rain. Daryl and I really appreciate all that you guys did and we hope to work with you guys again in the future, Cheers! "


" Thanks so much for everything on 10 July! Lau, Jessie, David and I are so glad we picked you guys. We really appreciate how open-minded, go with the flow and how you both made everyone feel comfortable. I know its very unique to have two couples and definitely needed people who were creative and patient with us.  "


" Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for being so accommodating, so easy to work with, professional yet fun. It was a blast having you guys there. Looking forward to seeing the end results! "


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